Radio Network Design & Planning

At Laplace Technologies Limited, the operator’s needs and requirements are addressed with tailor made procedures that enable effective and efficient network solutions in planning, designing and implementing a chosen market area. Our best on-demand solution reaches from flexible project based consulting to full scale managed operations of planning and design. Laplace engineers draw upon firsthand experience from working in today’s cutting-edge designs in a multi-vendor environment, and with our best in class multi-technology skills, we drive our assignments on the highest knowledge level. Laplace Technologies offers the following RF engineering services.

  • RF network planning and design.
  • Site survey and validation.
  • Link budget analysis, design criteria and traffic analysis.
  • System dimensioning for coverage and capacity.
  • Cell data and network parameter planning and design.
  • Frequency planning and interference analysis.
  • Neighbor Planning.
  • In-building planning.