Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) Network Solutions

Laplace provides turnkey Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) Network Services & Solutions ranging from:

Planning & Design of Cable Network (Fiber Optic)

  • Cable Route Survey, Planning & Design of Cable Networks
  • Civil Work Survey & TSD (Technical Site Drawing)
  • AutoCAD drawings on Civil & Cable Route Design
  • Quantity Survey(QS)/Detailed Estimation
  • Material Procurement Plan
  • Right of Way (ROW) & other Regulatory Permit Acquisition
  • Statutory/Government Liaison
  • External Line Plant Consultancy
  • Project Supervision to end–to-end Project Management
  • Enforcement of Standard Engineering Practices and Specifications Compliance on contractors to ensure “ZERO” defects
  • Capacity Planning & Quality Control on tools , materials & human resources
  • To ensure Health, Safety and Environmental policy during Project Planning & Execution
  • Quantity & Quality Survey/Assessment for Subcontractors/3rd Party Invoices payments & settlement
  • Route Database Revision through time to time Network/Route Updates
  • Monthly & Quarterly KPIs Report Generation & Service Improvement Plan (SIP) Development

Civil Engineering & Construction

  • Excavation & Backfilling (Soft, Hard & Rocky Soil)
  • General Pipe Laying (PVC, Galvanize, HDPE, Flexible & Bend Pipe)
  • Construction of Man Holes, Hand Holes & Joint Boxes
  • Concrete Breaking and Re-Instatement
  • Asphalt Breaking & Re-Instatement
  • Road Crossing & Bridge Crossing
  • Thrust Boring

Implementation & Commissioning Services

  • Detail Survey & Design of Fiber Cable Route
  • Cable Blowing, OFC Laying, Stringing & OFC Pulling (Manual)
  • OFC Drum Testing
  • Cabinet ,Patch Panels & ODF/MDF Termination
  • Shelter Entry & Installation
  • Optical Fiber Cable Installation
  • OFC Splicing, Termination , Link Testing & Commissioning
  • As-Built Designs & Documentation

OFC Infrastructure Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

  • Patrolling is aimed at preventing cable disruptions along the OFC routes daily on fixed stretch
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance is carried out as defined by the SLA/SOW
  • All fibers are tested for the block sections and reported every month
  • Any defects in the fiber or in any of the associated equipment is attended to, in consultation with the customer at site
  • Repeater stations and the optical equipment installed for alarms are monitored
  • Breakdown OFC Maintenance includes 24*7 mobilization of equipment and skilled manpower for fault identification and rectification
  • Test link attributes like the splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault are corrected
  • Deployment of O&M teams to carry out Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable

Corrective Maintenance - Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable

  • Maintenance of OFC routes 24*7 for Routine OFC Maintenance and Breakdown OFC Maintenance
  • O&M team has a supervisor, splicer, assistant splicer, patroller and a helper for every range defined by customer
  • Mode of transport of patrollers is customer specific

Product Sales & Equipment Rentals/Lease

Product Sales

  • Optical Fiber Cables –Loose Tube, Unitube, Ribbon , Tight buffered, Indoor / Outdoor / Aerial types
  • FTTx products – Fast Field SC/PC & SC/APC Connectors, Tool-kit assembly , FTTx Patch panel
  • Drop Fiber Cable
  • FO Splice Closures
  • Patch Panel ,
  • 19"Rackmount ODF
  • ODF Cabinets - Indoor & Outdoor
  • Cross Connect cabinets
  • Fiber PLC Splitters
  • Fiber Attenuators
  • Fiber Patch chords
  • Fiber Pigtails
  • Fiber Adaptors
  • Heat shrink Sleeves
  • Fiber Test Equipment
  • Fiber Optic Tools
  • Media Converters
  • 10/100/1000 Giga-byte Ethernet-OF converters

Equipment Rentals/Lease

  • OTDR Fusion Splicing Machine
  • Laser Source
  • Compressor machine
  • Blowing Machine
  • HDD Machine
  • Cable Fault Locater
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Optical Network Tester
  • CW transmitter – Receiver 800/9000/1800/2100
  • Drive test kits for GSM/CDMA/EDGE/GPRS
  • Mobile tester CDMA/GSM
  • Ethernet tester
  • Frequency Courtier
  • RF power meter
  • Site Master/- VSWR Meter
  • BER Tester