Network Planning & Optimization

NPO - Managed Service model

Laplace Technologies' Network Planning & Optimization team comprises skilled and experienced engineers and technicians. We have consistently produce personnel through our in-house mentoring and coaching program, and by sourcing and mobilizing externally. Laplace has built reputation in producing outstanding skilled engineers and this is evident in the high profile projects we have been engaged in with major Operators in West Central Africa.

The resources are dimensioned based on Customer requirements in line with the scope of work or as required by Customer - task based model, Resource based model and turnkey model to be offered by Laplace down the line. However, given the current capacities and capabilities of Laplace and the nature of the Network Planning & Optimization work flow and process, we propose the Resource based model best suited for OEM/Operator to meet their NPO requirements with good quality and cost effectiveness.:

Our proposition includes services but not limited to:

  • Radio Networks Planning and Optimization.
  • Transmission Networks Planning and Optimization (MW and Optical network).
  • Capacity Planning and Management.
  • Drive testing for network performance evaluation and corrections.
  • QoS Testing – Including Networks Benchmarking ( Quarterly ).
  • New element testing, verification, initial optimization (SSV) and reporting, etc. (including IBS, 2G/3G new sites and new BSC/RNC, etc.)
    Physical and Parametric Optimization.
  • Technical Site Surveys (TSS) and Site/RF Audits.
  • KPI Analysis and Management according to SLA/RF fine tuning (SLA KPIs).
  • Verification and acceptance of performance on cell basis, cluster-wide optimization, city-wide optimization and complete network optimization.
  • Network Optimization Analysis and Proposal, Network trend analysis, known performance problem diagnostic, short term proposal output, long term proposal output (including capacity analysis).
  • Holiday network assurance, community fair or gathering guarantee.
  • VIP area assurance and VIP user guarantee.
  • Frequency re-planning.
  • Devising New KPIs.
  • BSC Re homing/Performance Monitoring:
    o Handover Testing (Inter BSC, Inter MSC).
    o LAC update testing.
    o SMS, GPRS ,Call Setup Testing.
  • Swap Optimization including:
    o Compatibility Analysis and Design.
    o Integration Process.
    o KPI Harmonization.